Materials: You will need a bible and a piece of paper and pen for each person


Jesus' command to us as Christians is that all of our interactions must be bathed in love. How do our actions project love to one another in our church, and how will the love that we have for those in our church affect the way we interact with our world?

Church has never been about the building where we meet or the programs that we conduct or even how great the preaching and music are, but it's about the people who gather together there. It's about us. Over the next five weeks, we will be focussing on how we as a group of believers can love our church more. How can we meet the needs of the individuals in our family and in our congregation? What does is look like to the community around us when we love each other the way that Jesus loves us?


Share:      Share your highs and lows from the past week.


On a piece of paper write your name and share which of these choices is the most meaningful to you: A special gift; time with a friend; a kind word; a big hug or; an unexpected helping hand?


Read:      John 13:34-35


Talk:     When you are telling someone good-bye, the things that you say in your last moments together are important, you want them to be remembered. These verses are some of the last words that Jesus said to His disciples.


According to these verses, what is the impact of having love for one another?

What kinds of gestures show love to family members? to Friends? to Aquaintances? to Strangers?

What steps can we take to make our family and our church renowned for it's love?

How can you as a person make the church (people) richer and better?


Pray:     Take a moment to pray and ask God to bring to mind one person in your chucrh. If you know the person's name, write it down on a piece of paper. If not, write down a few word describing the person.


Now ask God to show you one way that you can love that person this week. He may give you something simple like pray for them everyday, or He may give you something riskier like meeting a need that they have.


"Dear God, Please show me the ways that I can show love to others in your world. Amen"


Bless:     As you bless each other, affirm one gift that the person yopu are blessing brings to your family. Say this blessing as your draw the sign of the cross on them.


"May God bless you as you use your gift of __________ to show God, us and others love this week"


You may also like to swap the pieces of paper that you each wrote on at the beginning of the session, and find a way of showing love to that person in that way this week.