Share:  The best and worst about your day or week

            About a time that you were hard done by, or had to do all the work?


Read:   Luke 10:38 – 42

            The Story of Mary and Martha


Talk:    Mary and Martha both encountered Jesus.  One chose to be too busy to receive the better life that he offers. 


·        Which person in the story do you most identify with? The busy Martha who works hard to get things done, or the relaxed Mary, who is happy to sit and listen to Jesus?

·        What do you think Martha wanted Jesus to say when she asked “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”

·        Which sister did Jesus say had made the better choice? Do you agree?


We have to be deliberate in what we choose so that we don’t end up losing the best of life that Jesus has to offer. Jesus wants us to do the things He has prepared us for in this world, but we also need to make time to rest, and sit at the feet of Jesus and learn.


We make the choice about the life that we live. What choices are you making?


Pray:    Pray and ask God to show you which choices will help you to get the best life that He has to offer you.


Bless:  May God Bless you abundantly as you live for Him and take the best life that He has for you.