Finding Financial Freedom 

On this page, you will find the follow-up questions which are based on the sermon each week. These questions will be published each fortnight and will also be in the newsletter, in the church app and shared to Facebook. If you miss the sermon you can listen to the latest sermon here or in the Church app.

The best place to do these studies will be in an Explore Group but you can do them on your own if a group is not possible. I do hope you’ll find a new excitement at handling God’s Word and putting it into practice!

God Bless, Ian Weaver


Week 5 - What can I offer to God

What do you think of the idea that true worship has almost nothing to do with what we do on Sundays? What is true worship according to the Apostle Paul? What do the words, “sacrifice, holy & pleasing” mean?

How are you challenged by the injunction “do not conform to the pattern of this world”? What is the goal of not conforming? What pressures do we face to conform to the world? What is the risk of conforming?

What is the difference between independence and interdependence? How should that work in a Christian community?

Bearing in mind that this list is not meant to be definitive – what would you say your gift is? What would others say? Are you using this gift? Why/Why not?

What do you think about the idea that the church is not functioning properly if we each are not exercising our gifts? How can we ensure this happens appropriately?




Week 3 – Debt no! Savings yes! (Romans 13)

What’s the hardest change you’ve ever had to make? What process did you use to make it?

Can you remember a time when you made a significant purchase without using credit? What did you buy? How did you feel?

What’s the worst thing about being in debt? How does it make you feel?

What would it be like to save up before buying your next major purchase?

NB: if you need to talk, start with Ian or Paddi.

We recommend - Christians Against Poverty (CAP) who are experts in helping you deal with your debt. Call 1300 227 000 or


Week 4 – Love made me do it (Psalm 116)

What’s the best present you ever gave anyone? Why did it make the other person happy? Why did it make you happy?

Where do you see yourself in this graphic?



Which levels best represents the attitude of Psalm 116?

How might you move up one level? How would you describe the difference between Spiritual Obedience and Spiritual Vision? (Check the sermon again here or on the church app if unsure!)

If you could use anything at your disposal, how would you choose to express your love for God?


Week 1 – Earning Money – Psalm 112

What did you do with your first pay cheque? What’s the most fun you’ve ever had with money? What’s the most serious thing you ever had to deal with financially? In your family of origin, who ran the account?

How do you feel when someone asks you for money? What do you think about lending money to family? Friends? Strangers?

Ref Ps 112:5-6, “Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely, who conducts his affairs with justice. Surely he will never be shaken; a righteous man will be remembered forever”.

What connection do you see between generosity and righteousness?

Have you ever thought to pray for the gift of generosity? What might happen if you did? How would that make you feel? Go on . . .


Week  2 – Organising Money - Malachi 3:1-12

What do you love spending money on? Are you a sucker for a bargain? What kind? What do you hate spending money on?

Have you ever given money away and been thrilled by the result? What happened?

Have you ever set a budget? How has that helped? What happened (if it didn’t work)?

Do you consider yourself financially free? What is there in your life that you would love to see financially resolved? What frightens you about money?

When you read Malachi 3:1-5, what strikes you negatively? Positively?

Now read verses 6-12. How does it make you feel to see the notion of withholding tithes on a par with sorcery, adultery, and oppression? What is God’s solution?

What would it take for you to “test” God?