Explore Groups


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is an Explore Group?


A. An Explore Group is an intentional gathering of people who meet to study the bible and apply it to their daily lives and to pray for and support each other.  As expressed in Acts 2:42 – 47, Explore Groups meet to develop authentic Christian Community.  Explore Groups meet weekly or fortnightly. 


Q. What are the expectations of group members?


A. The church has an Explore Group covenant that we ask every group and every group member to keep to.  This covenant has been developed to ensure that our groups are safe places where people can grow in their relationship with God and each other.


Q. What is the format of an Explore Group?


A. Each Explore Groups is unique.  Each group will have a time of bible study and discussion, where the passage being studied is understood and applied in our contemporary setting.  In addition there will be a time of prayer.  There may also be times of sharing and eating.  Each Explore Group works out together how they will spend their time.


Q. How can I join a group?


A. Contact the church office and let us know that you want to be part of an Explore Group.  We will arrange to connect you with a group that meets at a time that suits you.


Q. What if there is no group that meets when I’m available?


A. Contact the church office and let us know that you want to join a group and the days and times that suit you.  We will do what we can to form a group that is suitable.


Q. What do we study?


A. Once a year we ask all groups to study the same material associated with a campaign.  Otherwise, we ask each group to select what they want to study based on the interest of its members, the style of group and their spiritual maturity.  Our church has a library of study materials that groups can borrow.


Q. Who can be a member of an Explore Group?


A. Explore Group membership is open to all people who want to grow in their discipleship to Jesus, whether they are members of Emmanuel Uniting Church or not.  Some groups however, may be restricted to by age (eg High School), others are designed for people at a particular life-stage (eg mums), others require specific commitment levels (eg KYB). 


Q. How do we get more members into our group?


A. Members of Explore Groups are encouraged to invite people to join the group.   These may be people from the church or other churches who are not yet in groups, or workmates, neighbours, family members and friends.  This is the best way to get new members in your group.  Pray before you invite someone new.  Ask God to soften his or her heart and then step out in faith and make the invitation.  You can also check with the church office to see if anyone has indicated a willingness to join a group.