Share: About a time when you have been treated unfairly 


Read: Galatians 3:28 & Luke 6:27-36


Talk: In His life and death, Jesus broken down cultural, political and social barriers but we still live with many cultural barriers today.

·        What does Galatians 3:28 mean to you?

Martin Luther King Jr was a man who believed that you couldn’t fight hate with hate. He stood up for what he believed in and fought for equality amongst all of God’s people. He said “Darkness can’t drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can’t drive out Hate, only love can do that”

Luke 6:27 starts with Jesus telling us to love our enemies?  

·        Who is our enemy and what do you think it means to love them?

·        What point is Jesus really making in these verses? (v31 & 36)

It is important that we continue to strive for the equality that Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr fought for in their lives. How can you help to bring about equality and fight hate with love in your world?


Pray: Father, we thank you for people who are willing to stand up for the truth. Help us to be strong and courageous and stand up for the truth too. Please forgive me for the times that I have judged people by what they look like on the outside. Help me to look at their hearts and love them just as you do and fight for their rights too. Amen


Bless: Bless someone this week by standing up for them when you see that they are being treated unfairly.


Sing: share a song with your family

Jesus Loves the Little Children (as sung in Junior Sunday School)

This is Living Now (as sung in Primary Sunday School)