Our “Whole Church Bible Study” on Covenant & Kingdom has begun.

On this page you will find the follow-up questions which are based on the sermon each week. These questions will be published each fortnight and will also be in the newsletter, on the church app and shared to Facebook. If you miss the sermon you can listen to the lastest sermon here or in the Church app.

The best place to do these studies will be in an Explore Group but you can do them on your own if a group is not possible. I do hope you’ll find a new excitement at handling God’s Word and putting it into practise!

God Bless, Ian Weaver


C & K 10 – The Temptation of Jesus (Luke 4:1-21)

What would you describe as your greatest temptation? (What is your “chocolate sponge”?) What do you think is the essence of real temptation?

How do you see the context of Jesus’ baptism in relation to his temptation? (What’s going on at his baptism? What’s going on at his temptation?)

How would you describe the three separate temptations? (What are they tempting Jesus to do?)

What would have been the consequences of Jesus “failing” these temptations? What happens if you fail at temptation?

What do you notice about the Holy Spirit during these “tests”?  How can you make sure you are filled with the Holy Spirit?


C & K 11 – Kingdom Ministry  - Invitation & Challenge (Matt 14:22-36)

What’s the most amazing thing you have seen or witnessed? Why?

Which of Jesus’ miracles is your favourite? Why? How do the miracles of Jesus point to what Heaven is like?

Do you know anyone who has been part of a miracle? Describe what happened.

What does the idea of being “one with Jesus” mean to you? What does it imply? What does it mean to you personally to be a child of God?

Does God force people to belong to His family? Why might you not want to join?

What responsibilities come with being a child of the heavenly King? How do you feel about that?


C & K9 – Jesus’ Baptism (Luke 3:1-22)

What is the most spiritual moment you can remember? When have you felt really close to God?

What do you think is meant by the phrase, “When heaven touches earth”?

Why do you think there is so much drama surrounding the baptism of Jesus?

Why do you think Jesus insisted on being baptised by John the Baptist? (What do you think “fulfil all righteousness” means?)

Which of Jesus’ miracles amazes you the most? Why?

When else have you seen God at work miraculously? Who was involved? What happened?

What do you think of the idea that God wants to work through you miraculously also? What would be the purpose if he did? Have you ever prayed for someone and something amazing happened? What stops you from praying for God to move miraculously?


Week 5 – Exodus 3:1-17 “Moses – Priest & Prince”

What are some of the landmark events you can remember from Moses’ life? Why do you think God chose Moses?

Can you remember a time when you thought God clearly spoke to you? What happened? Do you know anyone else who has? Are they weird or normal? How do you tell/test if it’s God speaking to you?

What do you think Moses’ biggest lesson whilst he was in Egypt was? Why do you think he struggled with his identity?

What does God mean when he says, “I am who I am” (check the footnotes in your bible or commentary)? How has God shown you that he is who he says he is?

Look at verse 12. What do you notice about the sign God says he will give Moses and when it will occur? What does this imply?

What do you think the purpose of the Exodus was?

In what ways is Jesus like Moses?  In what ways is he different?


Week 6 - 1 Samuel 16: 1-13 “David – Worshiper & Warrior”

What stands out in your mind as you recall all you know about David? How did David stand out from the crowd? Why do you think Jews see David as their greatest King ever? What happened to the nation, Israel, under David?

Why had God rejected Saul as King? (See chapter 15) Why does God choose David? What do you think will be the difference between David and Saul?

Where did David get his confidence from? (See Chapter 17)

Which are your favourite psalms? How is the style of writing different in the psalms to most other pieces of scripture? What do you notice about their content?

What is your favourite mode of worship? How does it make you feel? What does it make you think?

When have you had to battle in the cause of God?

How is Jesus similar to David? How is he different?


Week 3 (30 July) Genesis 15:1-21 “Abraham – Man of Covenant”

What did Abraham do to deserve this promise of God? What could Abraham give to God in exchange for all that God gave to him?

What was good about the promise? What was bad? How much would Abraham have seen of the promise being fulfilled?

Have you ever thought that one of the stars was representative of you?

What are some of the promises God has made you?  How was the covenant enacted/sealed between you and God? What sign has been given that the promise is true? How will you know the promise has been fulfilled?

Compare John20:26-29 & Hebrews 11:1-12 – how do you know you are heirs of the Kingdom?


Week 4 (6 August) Genesis 41: 9-40 “Joseph – Called to Kingdom Rule”

Read the whole story (Genesis chapters 37-50 . . . Go on!) of Joseph again. What stands out to you about Joseph’s character? What were his good points? What were his bad points? On balance, if you were God, would you have chosen him to do the job in Egypt? What does that tell you about God?

What do you notice about Joseph’s confidence? In what way does it change over his lifetime? What do you think brought about these changes?

What is God up to in this story? What does Joseph learn? What does his family learn? What do the Egyptians learn?

Be honest for a moment (!) What are you good at? (If you’re not sure, ask someone else you trust and who knows you well!) How might God be asking you to serve Him and the world? Can you do it? How?



C&K Week 1 (16 July) – Creation (Genesis 2:4-25) 

What do you love most in Creation? If you had the chance to rename the Kangaroo, what would you call it? What concerns you most about Creation today?

What do you notice about the way God created humans?

How would you describe their relationship with God?

Why do you think God gave humans responsibility to care for Creation?

Why do you think humans subsequently rebelled against God? In what ways can you see humans still rebelling against God? What did that do to the relationships between humans and God? What did that do to the relationships between humans and each other?

How did it warp the responsibilities of humans?



C&K Week 2 (23 July) – After the Fall (Genesis 8:15 – 9:17)

What’s the worst punishment you ever received? How did you get out of doing your chores when you were younger? If you were God, what would you have done to Adam & Eve?

Scan through chapters 4-6. What picture do you get? How do the actions of humans in those chapters reflect Adam& Eve’s decision in the Garden of Eden? How do the actions of humans today reflect Adam & Eve’s decision in the Garden of Eden?

Compare and contrast the relationships between God and Adam, Noah & Jesus.

Compare and contrast the responsibilities lived out by Adam, Noah & Jesus.

How do you see God’s grace and justice worked out in the lives of Adam, Noah & Jesus? What does this tell us about God’s character?